Our affiliation with Bay Area Cancer Center enables us to provide our patients requiring cancer services seamless access to advanced radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgical services in the comfort of their own community.

Bay Area Cancer Center

Bay Area Cancer Center is operated under a unique partnership formed between the largest clinic and the largest Hospital on the South Coast – North Bend Medical Center and Bay Area Hospital.  Here at Bay Area Cancer Center, we’re dedicated to providing world-class care close to home.
Our recently remodeled facility, located on the Bay Area Hospital campus, offers modern, sophisticated cancer treatment in a comprehensive, one-stop environment. With up-to-date facilities, board-certified physicians, and a professional, compassionate staff, we provide the same treatment protocols as much larger facilities.
As part of our commitment to top-notch cancer care, we have built a brand new infusion center for chemotherapy patients and have installed the latest in radiation therapy planning and delivery equipment. Bay Area Cancer Center also offers a wide range of supportive services and educational opportunities to promote the continued well-being of our patients.


Bay Area Hospital

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