Press Release


MARCH 23, 2020

North Bend Medical Center Responds to Coronavirus Outbreak

  • Immediate Care Clinic to Remain Open and Other Clinic Activities Are Modified

Coos Bay, OR, March 23, 2020 – North Bend Medical Center announced it is closing its clinics to visits and appointments that are not urgent in order to focus their efforts on the coronavirus outbreak.  This closure will take effect at the close of business Monday, March 23. 

“We believe that there is only a very small window of time to control the spread of this disease within our community,” said NBMC Board Chairman Steven Shimotakahara, MD, “therefore to protect our patients, staff and the community, we have arrived at a difficult decision.” 

NBMC is taking a proactive step to implement ‘Shelter in Place’ protocol. ‘Shelter in Place’ has been proven to more quickly stop the impending spread of COVID-19. Dr. Shimotakahara further states that based on projections from other communities, “we anticipate that physicians and staff will be needed to respond to the pandemic at our local hospitals in the near future.”

Clinic staff are contacting patients to address their appointments.  NBMC’s physicians and providers will begin conducting almost all visits with patients using telephone and video enabled technology by Wednesday of this week.  The Immediate Care Clinic at North Bend Medical Center will remain open to address urgent needs. Clinic offices all remain available to handle non visit related business, including refills and care management.

North Bend Medical Center is collaborating with Bay Area Hospital, the Coos County Health Department, Bay Clinic, and other agencies to coordinate their response and align resources in the community.  As of the date of this release, there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the clinic.


Kent Sharman, MD

Medical Director

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