Behavioral Health

Our Behavioral Health department follows the primary care integrated behavioral health model. This is a progressive model of care in which behavioral health clinicians are embedded into our primary care practices to assist the medical providers with using brief, evidence-based interventions from a trauma-informed perspective.

We work in collaboration with your medical team to assist with numerous challenges and wellness goals including: smoking cessation, diabetes management, weight loss, anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief, stress, coping with illness, and much more. Our highly skilled clinicians are able to see both pediatric and adult patients.

Our behavioral health clinicians are focused on helping a large number of people achieve very specific goals, which is a departure from the more familiar long-term psychotherapy or counseling. This means that our visits are less frequent, shorter in length, and target specific goals for treatment. Our services are designed as an additional option to traditional therapy and are covered by nearly all major insurance payers, including the Oregon Health Plan.